Mirror class

The Lost Fleets

Mirrors in Trinidad - 1979

20 Mirrors listed in the 1977-78 TTYA yearbook – where are they now?
When I was in my salad days (that's a long time ago) and crewed on Flying Dutchmen and Shearwater catamarans in the 1960s in Trinidad, a schoolmate told me about this odd little dinghy called a "Mirror" which I found a little odd, but, without ever having seen one, dimissed it as not being a "real" sailing boat. Not long after I left the island, Trinidad and Tobago's leading Flying Dutchman skipper and 1964 Olympic games competitor started importing and asembling Mirror dinghy kits to encourage people with a bit less money to start sailing. Quite a large fleet (by Trinidadian standards) was established and raced enthusiastically.

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