Mirror 68798 for sale in Houston, TX


I am selling my Mirror dinghy 68798 which I purchased used in Gairloch, Scotland some 14 years ago and imported into Houston, TX when I moved here with work.
I've stored it in a garage for most of its time here and when not there its had a full waterproof cover on it. It's a gaff-rigged traditional plywood model.
I've spruced it up for sale by sanding and varnishing the inside and have sanded and re-painted the hull. It has no known rot or structural issues.
To simplify the rigging I've removed all the spinnaker associated equipment but included in the sale will be the spinnaker, launch chute, pole, and all associated pulleys and what have you. The necessary fittings for using the spinnaker are still in place in the boat.
It comes with sails which are original but in good condition, mainsail, jib and spinnaker.
The dagger board and rudder are in excellent condition.
This is a ready to sail boat, in excellent structural condition inside and out. It has two water tight storage compartments with screw fit lids.
I've attached a dropbox link to a bunch of photos and If anyone is interested in viewing it more closely I can send more by email or even arrange a time to use FaceTime to walk around and inside it. I’ve tried to show the important parts in detail, like the area around the dagger board box known for rotting. It is in good condition having been epoxy treated at the weak points.
It comes with a launch trolley and the water tight cover.
I need the space in my garage for other projects and since kids have moved out it's not being used at all.
The rudder is in great condition with a new universal joint fitted.
I’m also throwing in 2 books on how to sail a Mirror.
I know Houston is a long way from Canada or the UK but it is a great boat for the right person!
I’m looking for around US$1,150 for it based on what I’ve seen similar craft going for.
Let me know if there’s a problem with the photo link.

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Hi Graham,
I've copied the information to the Facebook group "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" and linked it here.
Let me know when you've sold the boat, please, and ask the new owner whether she/he is in agreement with her/his details being put in the Roll Call.
My brother lives in Houston but I don't believe that he's in need of a boat at the moment. Perhaps if the flooding gets worse ....
Hopefully your boat will find a good home!
Gernot H.