Sailmaker wanted

Hi all

First post here. I live in Portugal but am travelling over to UK in October to pick up Mirror 39436 which I am very excited about as I haven't sailed one since I was a teenager (in 7753) some 50 years ago!

I intend to use it for cruising, and I would like a sailmaker (preferably near Portsmouth) to put the reefing ties and eyelets into the main during my visit.

Any recommendations?

........or maybe if anyone could point me in the direction of a good eyelet kit and I do a DIY job?


There's a Facebook group called "dinghy and boat advice" which should give you access to a wider range of knowledge of possible sailmakers who might be able to help out. If anyone suitable is available, I'm sure someone there will know of them.

Thanks David, I'll check it out.

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Welcome a-online here!
If you live in the Lisbon area, the Portuguese Mirror sailors might point out a local sailmaker to you.
There is a facebook group called Mirror Dinghy - Portugal on Facebook and most of its members are also members of "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies". I'm not sure who of them are members here.
I hope you enjoy the boat! It's not on the roll call (yet). Let me know if you'd like to be included.
Gernot H.

Thanks for the welcome! Unfortunately I'm in the far, far north of Portugal but I hope to sail down to Lisbon and meet the local guys once I get sorted out. I know there is at least one 'cruiser' down there.
Re the roll call, I'll see if the last owner has any history on the boat first.